kawan ouh kawan ♥

say NO NO NO NO !


" today my friend asked me if it would be okay if he went out with you..he said that now that we did broken up, he did care for you instead of me..that okay..get away..it alright, there nothing left of our relationship..stop saying you're sorry, my heart doesn't hurt at all become a good boyfriend instead of me..because of you i still cant find sleep..but i cant say no..i even encouraged my friend with a fake smile and sent him to you oh girl..
oh cant you see im still loving you..still my heart cannot let you go..please say that it cant be, that in your heart you're still waiting for me..say NO
"she cant drink a lot, she hates smoking" " she doesn't like being alone so always be with her" "make sure to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries
why am i doing this? why on earth? regretting is as i turned around, i faked it and acted cool..getting angry behind my friend back, i begged it wasn't true oh girl.. "

Beast- "say no"  :')
PERSOALAN : korang sanggup biarkan kawan baik korang tanya boleh ke tak keluar dengan EX boyfriend / girfriend ? walaupun dah putus, tapi perasaan sayang tu ada lagi..korang sanggup lepaskan kawan korang pergi keluar bersama EX boyfriend / girlfriend ..tak ada ke perasaan cemburu walaupun sedikit? ^^ 
..cuma nak tahu jep..