kawan ouh kawan ♥

never could imagine life without u !

never could imagine life without u
from the moment you walked into my world
maybe if we met each other under a different sky
maybe then things would be much better between you and i
we can always hold on to this one special thing we share
but it would be to much for us to bare
what if we just can meet for couple hour?
then went back home and i miss you,so do you.
so lets have, one last kiss and one last touch
one last tender moment between us
one last dance to our first song
while pretending theres nothing wrong
forget awhile about we have to let go *back home*

from our first moment holding hands until our last breath. can we? i wish..

now im at shah alam..then you at pahang !
omg :'(
cepat lah habis cuti sem ! nak jumpa !
-cuti semester sudah bermula..sapa still ada paper goodluck-