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OMG ! Dani Shay Twin Justin Bieber ?

- left : Justin Bieber < look alike > Dani Shay : right-

This is Dani Shay..WOW she looked like Justin Bieber..auww this is totally unbelievable..my first taught was fake but suddenly my junior give me her link on youtube, now i totally believe that she is a real person..this is her youtube channel, click DANI SHAY..one of her videos this video is my favorite.. ^^


- pause song at blog first before you click play -

The song is MEGA AWESOME , right? :)

Almost the same right ? luckily she a female or else people will be dubbing her the second Justin Bieber boy also know as Justin Bieber Twin..haha..by the way Dani Shay was 23 y/o this year..Justin Bieber should be the one to be called the look alike of her..but Bieber is more famous, i guess..

Dani Shay is a very talented singer..never heard her song before? It called "Holding On" on her youtube..she even wrote them herself..Hmm..she is undeniably similar to Justin Bieber though im sure that her face is a lot more feminine and may differentiate between her and him.. ^^

so can u help me..who this? Justin Bieber or Dani Shay? OMG ! ^^

fallin in love with her?? auww