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heyy semua ! lama tak update blog kan..heee bukan apa..cuma tak ada masa nak update laa..banyak cerita nak share ni..hee..okeyy..i would like to share this story..hee awak semua tak kesah kan kalau saya guna bahasa rojakk ^^ 

story dia start mcm ni..cerita ni mengisahkan tentang Bebot dan Gebot.. 

Tuan Bebot ni just spare all his life looking for Bebot's LOVER

Bebot hari hari mengadu dgn Tuan Bebot tentang Gebot
Bebot cakap dia lonely dan jeles tgok LOVER2 yg lain 

Tuan Bebot wish Bebot will find his Gebot
so there's no more loneliness i can see through Bebot 
he hoping and keep wishing 
if there's a comet 
my first wish is to let Bebot get his LOVE
and yet once upon a time 
there's a LOVE that unite Bebot with Gebot

that owned by someone.. 
that really nice and loveable 
so then 
they are both Tuan Bebot and Bebot falling in LOVE

pada suatu hari, Bebot berjalan jalan dengan Gebot di taman.. 

Bebot said : what i want the most for my life is LOVE and i wish i can get it from you Gebot..i hope we can be together..that will be my best gift.. 

Gebot said : all i just wanna say is i need you Bebot ..deep in my hearts..i love you so much..there only one thing could make me cry is that losing you.. 

Bebot said : Bebot nak menangis lah..with everything, my rainbow promise..i will try my best to make sure there will be not even of tears from you to drop..i love you so much Gebot..more than anything i can say.. 

Gebot said : Bebot jgn menangis..hmm please syg..would you be morning at my funeral for my loss? would you actually care if i died? this is what i think about all the time or even most of the time..yeah i miss you Bebot .. 

Bebot said : from everything, from ever worst thing even..im begging you..please dont ever said about that things..no matter how i will give everything for me to took care of you syg..Bebot sayang Gebot sgt sgt.. 

Gebot said : thank Bebot hmm dah tak nak benda lain..nak Bebot sorg ! mm nak sayang Bebot..nak jage Bebot 

Bebot said : then i will give you my everything Gebot..take my hearts and keep it remain in your hearts..im fully yours.. 

Gebot said : auwww..i will sayang..nak jaga your hearts elok elok..you mine kan Bebot.. 

Bebot : okay my dear, this is my rainbow promise..hold it still inside me and yours and please..im hoping the same from you Gebot..you are mine and only mine ! no one else.. 

Gebot said : yeahh Bebot ! keep our rainbow promise okeyy.. 

Bebot said : i hope we can take care of each other and share everything together Gebot..make a life together and i promise you, i would not leave you..rainbow promise.. 


#truestory : Gebot love Bebot 

after 6 year, Gebot died