kawan ouh kawan ♥

Love is Love ♥

i love you more than start in the sky biyy

Day after day..time passed away 
A hole inside my heart
I'm all alone and the rooms are getting smaller
I'm holding on forever
Reaching for a love that seem so far

The courage to show to letting you know
I've never felt so much love before 
There's no one like you 
You speak to my heart
And once again I'm thinking about 

But if I let you go, I will never know 
What my life would to be
Will I ever see you smiling back at me? 
How will I know, if I let you go? 

I say a little prayer
And hope my dreams will take me there
Where the skies are blue
To see you once again, my love

I'm laughing with my friends
But I can't stop to keep myself from thinking you

To holding your hand
To promise you my love
To tell you from the heart

I just can't get you off my mind 
Nobody knows, I hide it inside

i miss when we laugh
i miss when you call me in the morning and i still sleeping
then you wanna me wake up
I'm so sorry about this night, what i have done to you
i miss you badly..i wanna meet you :'(