kawan ouh kawan ♥

if iloveyou, i must make his happy ♥

" ..you hold me without touch..you keep me with chains..i never wanted anything so much than to drown in your love and not feel you reign.. "

hey fella..hey reader..i wanna share this story with you 

..inspired by a true story of a boy name Ryan..

..he is inlove with this one girl..
..the girl knew..
..and the girl also felt the same to his..
..but he never told her and Ryan too never told her about his feeling..
..Ryan had a cancer..
..knowing he was going to die..
..he was only 20..
..he sacrificed his true first love for the girl of his dreams..
..he wanted the girl to be happy..
..he meets a wonderful boy,who has to be proud about..
..so he introduces the boy to the girl..
..and after a while..
..the guy and the girl have fallen inlove with each other..
..later on..
..the girl had no feelings anymore for Ryan..
..because the girl thinking that Ryan had no such feelings for her..
..she asked the boy to marry he..
..infront of Ryan..
..how it killed Ryan's pure hearts..
..but he said to himself..
" if iloveher, i must make her happy "

..Ryan asked the girl..
Ryan : could i be your bestman on your wedding day?

..she said..
She: i would love to have you as my best man.

..and she asked Ryan to try on the grooms wedding tuxedo..
..and Ryan wear it next to her..
..when she go inside he dressing room..
..Ryan cried and go home..
..without her knowing..
..he cried so hard, he had no tears no more..
..and gave her hand to the groom..
..when he turned his back..
..he cried all along the way..
..when he died..

..she found a letter saying..
" to the girl of my dreams..if you found this letter, maybe im not there by yourside anymore and you must be happy now you have to be..for me but you need to know that iloveyousomuch "

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so if i love him, i must make his happy ! i wont hurt you sayang ^^